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SLI block is extremely strong abrasion resistant metallic block.It is metallurgically bonded to mild steel.Its minimum hardness ranges from 61-64HRC.Silica and other abrasive materials harvested with sugar cane can cause severe wear on shredder/fibrizor hammers. Replacing these parts with SLI blocks can substantially reduce wear, giving considerable savings in down time and high performance. These tips can be easily replaceable and all four sides can be used giving a longer life to the hammer body and reducing power consumption. This is the most cost effective and time saving method compared to any hardfacing welding.


  • Cost effective compared to hard facing
  • Gives increased crushing efficiency
  • Easy to maintain and replaceable
  • Saving in labour cost
  • Better cane preparation and increased preparatory index
  • No down time losses


  • Sugar industry
  • Cement industry
  • Power industry
  • Rubber industry

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